The Best Towns for Waterfront Property in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state that is filled with beautiful cities and towns, but the areas that are truly striking are those found along the water. It is no surprise, then, that many people of all ages, including retirees, make their way to Connecticut to find the ideal waterfront property to call their own.

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If you are in search of Connecticut properties that will give you fabulous views and daily access to the water that you love, continue reading for a list of some of the best waterfront towns in the state.

Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake is the biggest lake in the state, and it is located in the western counties of Litchfield and Fairfield. Because of its size and popularity, there are plenty of beautiful lakefront homes to choose from that surround the lake. But if you are in search of Candlewood Lake homes for sale, it is best to team up with a realtor who will be able to guide you through this area and help you locate the houses that are not only in your budget, but also host all of the amenities that you expect to enjoy.

Guilford and Madison

Guilford and Madison are two of the best waterfront towns for those who are seeking a quiet place to retire. They are not crowded and they both have plenty of entertainment and shopping in the downtown area. Plus, these towns provide access to the popular Long Island Sound. You can also enjoy Hammonasset Beach State Park, located in Madison, for its hiking along the seashore and its extensive beach. But if you are in search of modest offerings, check out Guilford instead, which is host to Chaffinch Island Park, a popular picnic destination.


Niantic is a quaint little waterfront town that offers more than just beautiful properties. Enjoy lunch at the downtown cafes, shop at the abundant shops, and enjoy a relaxing walk on the beach. This is a popular town amongst tourists, though, so crowds can quickly arrive once the weather gets warm. Nevertheless, the gorgeous views of the water and the friendly locals make this an ideal place to purchase waterfront property in the state.

Old Saybrook

Yet another peaceful waterfront town in Connecticut is Old Saybrook. The area is filled with history and charm, as well as The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, restaurants with delicious menu offerings, and, of course, views of the water, including the area where the Long Island Sound meets the Connecticut River.


One of the most popular areas in the state, Mystic combines modernity with 19th century charm and a coastal life that’s slow and peaceful. A variety of New England style shops can be visited throughout Olde Mistick Village, and you can also check out the history at Mystic Seaport. When you combine all of the great things to do and see here with the waterfront that provides gorgeous scenery throughout the year, it is no wonder that many people choose Mystic when hunting for waterfront homes.

Choosing Luxury Real Estate

Shelter becomes the primary need for human being. There is no question that people need the right shelter to survive. If people can live in any kind of shelter, people will not try to find the best place to live in. In fact, many modern people find hard time for finding the best home because they are not only looking for the shelter but they also will look for a place where they can feel comfortable. Of course the comfortable home will be influenced by the look of the house as well. Moreover, many people also have great concern about their pride. They will choose the house which can improve their pride. If they have high lifestyle, of course they need to choose the house which can represent their lifestyle. Choosing standard home will not be enough. Nowadays, people can find great offer associated with luxurious home. It is not difficult to find real estate which is offered in luxurious design. It will not be hard to find the real estate which can fulfill the need of luxury living place in Evergreen, CO. They just need to find the right choice which can be suitable with their personal taste.

It is sure that people do not want to make the wrong choice for their home. First, people need to make sure that they make the right choice for their home because the price of the house is not cheap at all. Many people have to spend most of their life time for covering the home loan which becomes common method for buying a house which can be found in this modern world. Of course people cannot make wrong choice when they want to buy the real estate with luxurious design because its price will be super expensive compared to the standard house. Luxury real estate, however, usually will be offered with the best package which people can find for the living place. When people are looking for the best house, they have to consider about some aspects. If the budget becomes the biggest thing to consider, people can be wrong because location should be most important factor which people should consider. Location will influence the price a lot so if people want to get luxurious living place, they need to find the real estate offer which has good location. It will also influence the way people reach places in their daily activities.

After people can find the offer of real estate with the strategic location, people will be able to make comparison about the real estate offered. People have to consider about the design and the size of the house. People must not forget to check the facility offered by the real estate developer. Usually people will get various kinds of facilities from entertainment to sport. Keller Williams Luxury real estate maybe will be the option of luxury real estate which will be a great place to live in comfort and pride. Nevertheless, it is true that making comparison before making decision is very important for making sure that they get the right choice of real estate.

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